Meet the Benchmark Team

We are a community of mortgage professionals united by Core Values


Jim McMahan

President / Partner

Relationships come before everything else at Benchmark. You can see this philosophy in our current branches and our growth plan of focusing on fewer of the right branches over large scale growth. NMLS# 295820

Bryan Harlan

Bryan Harlan

Founding Partner

Benchmark was founded on a very specific set of Core Values as a way to differentiate ourselves from other mortgage companies in the market. These 5 values have served us well and will continue to guide our corporate decisions, shape our culture and serve as a filter when we are considering to align with a partner or branch. NMLS# 9868

Stewart Hunter

Chief Visionary Officer

Benchmark offers a boutique mortgage company experience with a national brand and support system. With an entrepreneurial spirit and world class support team at the home office, we have created a one-of-a-kind community of mortgage professionals.

Brian McKinney

Brian McKinney

Chief Executive Officer

With almost 20 years’ experience in the Mortgage Industry, Brian knows what makes a retail mortgage branch successful and will help you craft a plan to achieve your own goals. In addition to his financial experience, Brian has even run his own mortgage branch so he understands the inner workings and challenges that you face. Brian’s services run the gamut from lease negotiations to staffing to compensation plan design and everything in between.

Jasper Tadlock

Secondary Marketing Manager

The Lockdesk and Secondary Department maintain our high service levels by being accessible. I can ensure you the best loan programs with the best execution every time because I care about you and your clients.

Danielle Tsai

Compliance Director

The Legal & Compliance team help our branches stay focused on making quality loans. We are here to help you get to “Yes”.

Barry Baker

Director of Mortgage Servicing

The Mortgage Servicing department is delegated to service Fannie Mae loans and has over 25 years of servicing expertise to assist loan officers when advising borrowers on servicing related matters.

Debbie Neill

Appraisal Manager

We manage an internal panel of approved and licensed 3rd party Appraisers and provide an Appraisal Support Team in our corporate office who are available to help the Branches as well as the appraiser ensure our borrowers have a pleasant buying experience.

Jody price

Jody Price

Funding Team Lead

Our goal is to make the funding process as quick and efficient as possible.  We understand that real people and their lives are a part of this process, and it is our mission to make this a positive experience for everyone involved.

Joe Mirabella

General Counsel

The Legal/Compliance Team directly assists Benchmark’s partners around the country and works with the entire corporate team to anticipate issues and resolve them when they do arise.  We don’t just give answers, we help you get to Yes!


Jackie Henning

Jackie Henning


In 25 years, I have never felt more confident and comfortable with the underwriting of our loan files. She truly cares about providing world class service for LO’s & clients. – Steve Reed Branch Manager in Johnson City, TN

Mark Strickler


Mark actually picks up the phone and will answer questions, he responds to email, he keeps his commitments and his word is his bond. – Carl Spiteri Branch Manager in San Diego, CA

Melissa Soliz


Melissa cares about being part of the team and helping us. She makes every effort possible to understand our challenges and find viable solutions. – Thomas Ray Branch Manager in Greenville, SC


Stewart Hunter

CVO / Team Integration

We pride ourselves on creating a painless transition experience. We focus on all the details, timeline so our team and your team are in sync, with great communication and execution with a “All hands on deck” approach, you are sure to have a successful transition.

Steve Remington

Chief Operating Officer

Think of us as your all-in-one GPS system, roadside assistance and maintenance plan to help keep your business in the right direction.

Jim Poulin

EVP of Credit Operations

We have a philosophy and commitment to provide best in class service regarding our turn times, communication, and overall customer satisfaction results. We strive for consistency. That is why you will be assigned a key account Underwriter to execute and achieve the results needed to maintain and grow your business at the highest level.

Brandon Cottone

Brandon Cottone

Pipeline Manager

My goal is to continually monitor and help improve the overall performance and quality of loans within our organization. Furthermore, I manage the overall productivity of the closing department. Our objective is to ensure excellent service by making sure that all team members are properly trained on company processes and procedures.

Marla Mills

Your Personal Liaison

Think of me as your personal liaison throughout the critical transition process. I’m going to be there with you – hand in hand – to ensure you integrate into the Benchmark team successfully. Bottom line, I am committed to making your move smooth and painless.

Allison Lindsey

On-Site Trainer

The key Benchmark on-boarding top level originators is a hands-on transition team that is with you from day one. As part of your team, I will deploy to your branch for on-site training and provide focused webinars while the team is ramping up. This “all hands on deck” approach acclimates you to our systems and procedures.

Lynda Kirkman

Director of Branch Development

We take great pride in creating a seamless transition. Our “all hands on deck” philosophy during your move to Benchmark is key. We focus on the details, and your particular needs, to ensure you are integrated smoothly. Our goal is to guide you through and get you acclimated as quickly as possible.

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