“Benchmark Mortgage is the ‘Special Forces’ of the mortgage industry. We’re large enough to sell and service our own loans, handle the spectrum of compliance and complexity of the lending industry as it is today, yet we’re small enough that we don’t get stuck in the quagmire of red tape often found at other larger companies. The result is a nimble, efficient organization that’s able to adapt to unique situations and make common sense decisions to affect the service to our customers and our community.”

Andrew Paul, former active Navy SEAL

Branch Manager NMLS# 237745, Benchmark Mortgage San Diego

“When asked why I’ve been with Benchmark for almost 12 years, I have to say it is because of the owners and the quality of people they hire for the corporate office. Everyone that works for Benchmark has a ‘can do’ attitude which attributes to closing more loans and growing my business. I will be with Benchmark for life!”

Sheri McKim

Branch Manager NMLS# 301081, Benchmark Mortgage Austin (Cedar Park)

“At Benchmark, we define success as having our clients and referral partners talking about is in an EXTREMELY POSITIVE way. As a Branch Partner, I have been given the tools to make this possible on every loan by having the best Underwriting, Closing, Compliance, and Funding teams in the industry today. I can say without hesitation that I am truly blessed to be part of the Benchmark Family!”

Steve Reed

Branch Manager NMLS# 173024, Benchmark Mortgage Johnson City, TN

“Coming from one of the largest bank/mortgage companies in the country, what appealed to me about being a part of Benchmark is the direct line of communication between the owners and upper management. In addition, I was equally impressed with the positive, ‘team’ culture that all employees seemed to possess when I visited the corporate office on a site visit. Now that I’ve been here nearly five years, I can still say that those same attributes are what I love about our company.”

John Seville

Branch Manager NMLS# 525345, Benchmark Mortgage Grand Rapids, MI

“I am proud to be playing on a high performing team at Benchmark that only drafts the best in our business. After 22 years in the business, my branch team and I are now positioned to have the absolute highest performing years of our careers! The sincere trust and entrepreneurial spirit that the ownership team exudes is second to none in our business and it is, in my mind, what will empower our family at Benchmark to be the best in our business for years to come!”

Eric McCabe

Branch Manager NMLS# 139699, Benchmark Mortgage Shaverton, PA

Case Examples

Jim [Poulin],

I want to thank you for your help with the Denvir file as well as the others that you pushed along for me.  You made a really bad situation better.   In my 18 years of working in the mortgage industry I can’t say I ever experience the support and caring that I’ve experienced here.

Between your help and the efforts of Shawn (I think I owe him a drink or two) we pulled off what I thought was impossible just a day or two ago.

Have a great weekend and I hope you’re doing something relaxing with your family.


Glenn M. Davis

Branch Manager NMLS# 89346, Benchmark Lending Lambertville, NJ

“Hey guys,

I just had to give a shout out to our closing department. We have a loan needing to close on Friday, which means the closing disclosure needed to be completed today (Tuesday). The title company involved, and the escrow officer in particular, were very busy, due to the fact that the escrow officer was on vacation last week. As a result even though the initial CD was sent to the title company around nine or so this morning, the escrow officer did that not get corrections back until about 7 PM this evening. Amazingly enough, the closing team stayed until 9 PM to get the closing disclosure finalized, which was really amazing. I don’t know what you guys put in the Kool-Aid over there, but everybody is drinking their fair share. It just blows me away day after day!

So proud of our BM team and how they make us look like rock stars every day!”

Chris Moore

Branch Manager NMLS# 58873, Benchmark Mortgage Plano, TX


I want to just give a huge shout out to our entire operations team! The jumbo loan I originated the night before TRID(and almost crashed the entire system!) closes today and funds tomorrow! The borrower ended up having emergency surgery yesterday for a gallbladder, and everyone had to jump through hoops to get docs out three days early so it could be a Mail out and close at the guys home. Special thanks to Angie for submitting a CLEAN loan, Amy for a super quick underwrite, and Kellee for a FAST 2nd level review!! Then Sherrille got docs out ASAP!!! And all at the end of the month!!

Thank you for making this work guys! You are super appreciated!!”

Tom Sherman

Branch Manager NMLS# 188788, Benchmark Mortgage, Plano, TX


Tammy Shubert
Branch Manager - NC


“Having the chance to build strong relationships with other branch partners across the country has helped us identify our goals and develop a plan to execute them. How awesome is that to have the ability to model a successful business from our friends who just so happen to work with us. Words cannot express how grateful we are to be a part of Benchmark.”

Bruce Craig
Beazer Homes - Houston


“I know you and your teams put in a lot of effort to help us achieve some huge numbers (638 closings for the year, 94 for the month) I really appreciate it. Thank You. Here’s to an even better 2016.”

Shanna Tucker
Branch Manager - Idaho


“I wish my underwriter, Tess Cotterman, were on facebook because I would tag her with all kinds of praise reports right now. That girl just went to bat big time for one of our clients and deserves huge recognition! Thanks Jim Poulin too for going out on a limb for a make sense well deserving client.”